minimum delivery price for arrangements is $65. sales tax and delivery charges are not included in the arrangement price. delivery fee depends on where the arrangement is going to.

we are available for deliveries monday through friday. since we are a small company, saturday and sunday delivery is not always available, please allow 24-48 hours notice for weekend deliveries.

we will do our best to accommodate a specified delivery time within a 2-4 hour window, however we cannot guarantee an exact time since we live in the lovely sprawling city of los angeles.if the recipient is unavailable to receive a delivery, when possible, we will leave it in a safe secure place notifying them that a delivery was left and where. if not, we may attempt the next business day after phone contact has been made. we are not responsible for leaving a delivery at an incorrect location if we cannot make contact with the recipient and we reserve the right to charge an additional delivery fee if we are needed to re-route to another location.

even though it is said that los angeles has no seasons, flowers do! we will do our best to provide a specific design, always having the option to use a bloom of equal worth or impact value in an attempt to resemble the overall look and feel discussed.