Our Story

  • 1. The Early Days
  • 2. Finding Our Roots
  • 3. There Goes the Neighborhood
The Early Days

It's 1997 Silver Lake. The local flower shop, The Wandering Nun, had since closed its doors and Gilly found himself with a desire to contribute to his neighborhood. Equipped with some buckets and plenty of pluck, Gilly set up his outdoor flower stand on Silver Lake Blvd. Six weeks later, with the support of his friends, the stand migrated over to the Spaceland parking lot and things began to take off.

Finding Our Roots

We opened our first brick and mortar shop in 1998 on Silver Lake Blvd, close to our humble beginnings. We soon moved into our Sunset Junction space and haven't looked back. What a ride!

There Goes the Neighborhood

Silver Lake has undoubtedly gone through its fair share of changes (for better or worse, depending on who you ask). Through it all, Gilly Flowers remains a neighborhood standby. Now and always, we’re committed to bringing you the most beautiful flowers. From a single stem to an elaborate event, Gilly will meet you at your moment.

Stroll through the neighborhood and don’t forget to swing by our shop. Let our staff guide you to your next floral moment.

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